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Access accurate and interactive fishing maps, local fly shops, real-time water data, public/private lands, and all the tools you need to make more informed fishing decisions.

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Who We Are

More Than Maps

The onWater app simplifies the process of accessing fishing information to create more informed anglers. We strive to enhance every day on the water through our commitment to accurate maps, information, and a passion for fishing.

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Handcrafted For Anglers By Anglers

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“The onWater team sees conservation as part of their business model. It's a core value that runs through everything they do. From contributing a portion of their revenue to their conservation partners like Trout Unlimited to supporting specific events and activities or simply promoting ethical fishing in their content, these folks always have an eye toward protecting fish and fishing.”


Choosing The Right Campsites

Know Before You Go

Detailed Fishing Info and Interactive Maps

  • Find access points, boat ramps, campsites, restrooms, marinas, and more.
  • Check real-time river and streamflows.
  • Access local weather forecasts in one place.
  • Calculate exact river distances from your location and between access points.
  • Get proximity notifications when near selected points.
  • Connect with local fly shops and shuttles.
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Access With Confidence

Public + Private Land Boundaries

Find new places to fish and new species to pursue. Know you are fishing legally with detailed and accurate public and private parcel boundaries.

“Unlike most map-overlay apps, OnWater is user-friendly. Whether you want to search for rivers you plan to fish on an upcoming trip, or learn more about the one you just drove by, the interface is easy to navigate and makes finding access points a breeze.”


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Real Time Data

Check Current Streamflow, Weather + Fishing Reports

What more do you need to know? All the important information in one place means more time for you to go fishing.

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How Far Is It?

Calculate Precise Distances

Where should we float? Get exact mileage between boat ramps to find the right float for your schedule. How far are we from the takeout? You can see how many miles are left to float and even get notified when you're close.

Helped A Novice Feel More Comfortable On The Water

“Before trying out this app I had only fished water that someone else had showed me where to access. I was a little uncomfortable trying out new water and thinking about public access boundaries, where to park etc. This app helped a TON.”

Lots Of Useful Features

“At first I thought this app solely had river maps. But, after playing around with the app, I found lots of other useful features that ended up coming in handy on the river. The river mileage, and distance tool was pretty cool, as you never really know the exact mileage from different boats ramps and such. Looking forward to see how it develops.”

Love It!

“Used the app for my first time fishing Henry's fork and it worked great! I downloaded the river before heading out so I was able to see the map even with a spotty connection. The POIs were accurate and helped us decide which access points to try. The only thing the app didn't do is help me catch more fish 😂 at least we knew where to go and weren't completely lost trying out a new river.”

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We are adding new states and waterbodies weekly. If you do not see your favorite state or waterbody, we will have it soon. Please reach out to us for more information.

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