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Discover accurate fishing maps to help you fish better. Lakes, rivers, creeks, and more are curated with GPS maps. The fun of a new app is playing with it, exploring it, and figuring it out on your own. But on the occasion that you want a little guidance, we’ve provided some info below to help you get up and running so you can explore your water even better.

Get Directions to Points of Interest

Get directions to boat ramps, access sites, fly shops, myplaces, and all the important Points of Interest.

Saving Your Favorite Waterbodies

Get quick access to your favorite maps by creating a Favorites List

Always Know When You Are Near Something

Use our Notify When Near feature to get proximity alerts as you approach selected Points of Interests such as boat ramps and rapids.

Save Private Places and Record Exact Locations

The My Places Feature allows you to privately save and record unique, personal, locations.

Download and Save Maps to Use Offline

Learn how to save any map for use when you are out of range. Perfect for getting of the grid.

Measure Exact Distances for Better Fishing

Use this feature to learn the distance between boat ramps, access points, your current location, or other Points of Interest to any other Point of Interest.

Discover Our Map Layers Feature

Learn how to use topo, satellite, light, dark, or street view for your maps.

Discover and Learn Private and Public Land Parcels

Know where you can and can't access with detailed property parcel information and boundaries.

Take Control of Your Fishing Photos

Use our My Photos Feature to organize your photos and add useful information to each one.

Discover and Find Stillwaters, Lakes, and Ponds

Use onWater to fish nearby or far-off lakes, ponds, and stillwaters.

Know Real-time Streamflows and Historical Data

Discover in-the-moment streamflows to help you fish better.

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We will continuously add and update rivers across the United States. If we don’t have your water, we will soon.

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