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At onWater our mission is to provide modern technology to enhance the fly fishing experience for anglers, connect our vast community of industry stakeholders and protect our resources.

For anglers, our platform consolidates the myriad of resources available in a single, simple, intuitive and personalized app to better inform, plan, manage, relive and enhance their days on water.

For fly fishing professionals onWater seeks to provide solutions to create a greater level of intimacy with their customers, improving operational efficiency and growing their businesses.

A core value that runs through everything we do at onWater is our commitment to conservation and the protection of our resources.

From contributing a portion of our revenue to conservation partners, supporting conservation events and activities or just promoting ethical behavior within our community, we believe it is our moral responsibility to give back.

The onWater team is comprised of a passionate and seasoned group of fly fishing professionals with nearly 150 years of professional experience and time on the water. From professional outfitters, lodge owners, fly shop owners, fly fishing instructors and authors we have touched nearly every corner of our sport. From these perspectives we have a deep understanding of what’s important to anglers and fly fishing professionals. onWater was developed by anglers and professionals FOR anglers and professionals.

We look forward to seeing you on water!

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The all-in-one app dedicated to the angling community.

We are adding new states and waterbodies weekly. If you do not see your favorite state or waterbody, we will have it soon. Please reach out to us for more information.

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